September 29, 2014

Institution Decisions

In Microsoft Corporation v. Enfish, LLC, IPR2014-00577, Paper 13, IPR2014-00574, Paper 14, IPR2014-00576, Paper 13   (September 29, 2014), the Board denied Microsoft’s motion for joinder, and therefore denied Microsoft’s petitions for inter partes review as untimely under 35 USC 315(b).

In Nelson Products, Inc. v. BAL Seal Engineering, Inc., IPR2014-00572, Paper 10 (September 29, 2014), the Board instituted inter partes review of claims 1–16 and 19 of US Patent No. 8,297,662.

In Kinetic Technologies, Inc. v. Skyworks Solutions, Inc., IPR2014-00530, Paper 8 (September 30,2 014), the Board denied inter partes review of claims 13–22 and 37–45 of U.S. Patent No. 7,921,320. In