May 31, 2013, Three new IPRs filed

On May 31, 2013, Cardiocom, LLC filed IPR2013-00320 on U.S. Patent No. 6612985 on Method and System for Monitoring and Treating a Patient; Oracle Corporation filed IPR2013-00321 on U.S. Patent No. 6631449 on  Dynamic Distributed Data System and Method; and Respironics, Inc., filed IPR2013-00322 on U.S. Patent No. 6681003 on Data Collection and System Management for Patient-Worn Medical Devices.

May 30, 2013

On May 30, 2013, NETAPP, INC. filed IPR2013-00319 on U.S. Patent No. 5978791 on Data Processing System Using Substantially Unique Identifiers to Identify Data Items, Whereby Identical Data Items Have the Same Identifiers.

May 24, 2013, Three New IPRs filed

On May 24, 2013, BSP Software LLC filed IPR2013-00307 on U.S. Patent No. 8285678 on Continuous Integration of Business Intelligence Software; Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc. filed IPR2013-00308 on U.S. Patent No. 8296076 on Noninvasive Diagnosis of Fetal Aneuoploidy by Sequencing; and Hewlett-Packard Company filed IPR2013-00309 on U.S. Patent No. 6771381 on  Distributed Computer Architecture and Process for Virtual Copying.

May 23, 2013, Four New IPR’s Filed

On May 23, 2013, Ricoh Americas Corporation filed IPR2013-00302 on U.S. Patent No. 7986426 on Distributed Computer Architecture and Process for Document Management; Oracle Corporation  Clouding IP, LLC  filed IPR2013-00304 on U.S. Patent No. 5944839  System and Method for Automatically Maintaining a Computer System; Gatekeeper Systems, Inc. filed IPR2013-00305 on U.S. Patent No. 7389836 Power-Assisted Cart Retriever with Attenuated Power Output  10947831; and Clearwire Corporation filed IPR2013-00306 on U.S. Patent No. 5590403 on  Method and System for Efficiently Providing Two Way Communication between a Central Network and Mobile Unit.