The PTAB Provides Guidance for Filing Motions Pro Hac Vice

In Motorola Mobility LLC v. Arnouse, IPR2013-00010, Paper 6 (October 15, 2012), the PTAB provided guidance about filing motions pro hac vice.  Timing: The motion should be filed no sooner than 21 days after service of the petition, which is the time for filing the patent owner mandatory notices.  Content: The motion should contain (a) a statement of facts showing there is good cause to recognize counsel pro hac vice; and (b) a declaration from the counsel seeking to appear, attesting to: (i) member in good standing of at least one state bar; (ii) no suspensions or disbarments; (iii) no admission ever denied; (iv) no sanctions or contempt citations; and (v) that the individual will complywith the Office rules; and (vi) all other PTAB proceedings in which the movant has appeared in the last three years; and (vii) familiarity with the subject matter of the proceeding.